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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

What does marriage mean?

What does marriage mean?

Marriage means if you are the only means to prevent your sexuality, then I would like to be single.
Marriage means if you are just like honeymoon, like Marigade, then I would like to be single.
Marriage means if only by raising a child by raising a child, then I would like to remain unmarried.
All of us should remember that marriage is a worship, which is for the welfare of the husband and wife in the life of their own afterlife. Here only the worldly interests, ie enjoy luxury,
It is not desirable for a believing woman to live on the basis of worldly happiness.
Those who believe in the temporary time of worldly life, enter into holy life like marriage,
They are contractually signed to sign the cabin to indirectly protect the interests of the world's life.
If they really accepted marriage as a worship, then a married person would be married
Men were not able to keep thinking about looking at a stiff woman on the road, because her freedom of speech is applicable only to her wife.
On the other hand, a married woman could not dare to go out on the street, she would not have taken the body of her body and took her to the fair fair,
Because she has her husband's right over this body.

According to Hindu religion, the boy takes responsibility for all the daughtership of the girl and the daughter receives the responsibility of keeping her family's attention. In this way, they take their own offspring by joining together two separate people. The goal of marriage is to lead the family by following the family and children. For this, at the same time, earning useful things from outside and bringing home the inside of the house. Since a person can not do these two things at the same time, two work is divided between the two. Because the male is more strong and naturally the girls are of soft nature and in their womb the child is born so that the person is responsible for earning the necessary things for the family from outside and at home. The responsibility of the care of the family is to take the wife. In such a situation, the family is well-developed and the child's good care of the child's goal of reproduction is successful. These two tasks are done unnecessarily when there is love between the two, but the love between the two of them is a third queue. 
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The cracks are created in the love of the two. And the responsibility of doing the previous work started from the mind. Trouble and violence are caused. So there is harm to the family so that the child can not be properly maintained. And here the purpose of the marriage is unsuccessful. Therefore, marriage is only between two people to save the purpose of marriage.

Sex between women and men is allowed through marriage in Islam. In the case of Islamic marriage, the consent of both the bride and groom is the presence and consent of the legal guardian or Wali of both parties. There is no place for dowry on Islamic marriage. Prior to marriage, the bride has to pay a certain amount of money or money according to the bride's demand, and it is said to be called danmohar. Apart from this, it is also included in the Islamic law to inform family members and acquaintances after marriage. [2] [3] [4] [5] According to Islamic law, a man can marry four wives according to his needs to give equal rights to all wives. If you are unable to give equal rights, then only one marriage will be allowed. Many marriages are not permitted for girls. A Muslim male can marry Jewish women as well as Jewish or Christian women. But Muslim women can only get married to Muslim men. Pre-marriage and marriage-related sex is prohibited in Islam.

Christian society is usually seen in the first woman. First of all, the bride selects the bride. The bride chooses the bride to know the character, defect, quality and identity of the bride.

Proposal: On a good day you can go to the bride's house. Usually go to a neighboring house of the next and go to the bridegroom with her and tell them about their purpose.

Bagdan: The organizers of the Bagdad ceremony were invited when the party agreed on the proposal. Somewhere this program is also called 'ripe'. In Bhawal, this program is called 'Pongacha' ceremony. On the occasion of Bagadan, drinks, betel nut, odd number of fish are taken.

Baiyar: People from the upper house attend the bride's house at this event. Which is already kept in mind beforehand. The groom and bridegroom attended the ceremony to receive the blessings of everyone.

Name: Writing the bride and groom to the priest in the house of bride three weeks before marriage. Many people organized funky and bazhenas at the ceremony.

Ban Prakashan: On this occasion the groom and bridegroom took the final decision. According to the rules of the church, it is necessary to do marriage classes at this time. It is a pre-feasibility class system.

Observance of the Apocalypse: From name writing to marriage and marriage until marriage, there is a very modest life. Many people wear the 'Rosary Mala' or 'Japamala' neck to protect them from the eye of ghosts and mischief.

Kamani or Ga-Dhwani: The night before the wedding is called a wash-out ceremony. In many Christian societies, this day is celebrated with yellow mockery.

Bride: On the day of the wedding, the bridegroom's relatives came to the bride's house and brought the bride to the bridegroom. The bride was given a penny in her hand while bringing her from the house. When the bride came from the house, she threw the money into the house. This means that even though he is leaving the house, the house is not going out of the house.

Church ceremonies: At the beginning of the church, the priest welcomed bride and groom. Then the exchange of the bride between bride and groom was changed. After that, the neck of the bride is placed in the ceiling.

Home: In this ceremony, the bridegroom is made to stand on the big rider facing the courtyard. Then the bride and groom walk on the sari with a white-red dress and walk in the house. At this time the bride and groom hold each other's younger finger.

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