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Thursday, 28 March 2019

How to Diets & Weight Loss?

How to  Diets & Weight Loss
How to  Diets & Weight Loss

The obesity of the eating and busy lifestyles has now become a cause of concern for both men and women. Bad food and eating irregularities in junk food, stomach fat is growing. That is causing various diseases. All of them are in danger. But we can easily get rid of this problem. Follow only five rules a week, and reduce fat fatty acne.

Step 1- Yoga-exercise is the first to reduce stomach fat. Not just abdominal exercises, but also whole body exercises. Push-up, pull-up, pull-up. If you want to reduce the stomach fat by 1 week, you will have to lose 500-600 calories every day in the daily exercise.

Step 2 - Start the day with water and water. Drink 1 glass of lemon hot water every morning. Try to keep the amount of lemon juice more. Eat some fruit or a lot of water before breakfast. Keep in mind that the drug is a powerful medicine to feed fat. Besides, the demand for food will be reduced. Eat lots of water in the day.

Step 3- Abdominal muscles, which means abdominal muscle exercise, should be done three days a week. The crunch and the feet should be done on a set of 3 times each time. To practice push-up exercises through Kuni, you have to practice. It reduces stomach fat by 1 week.

Step 4- To reduce stomach fat, you must remove sugar and carbohydrate from the food. Carbohydrate can keep a little bit to keep the body's energy stable. But sugar must be omitted. Eat fish and chicken meat, plenty of vegetables and fiber rich foods. And one or two fresh fruits will be eaten every day. Especially talk fruit No matter how much food is eaten, the share of the salt is very low.

Step 5: Use spicy foods only cinnamon, pepper and ginger. These spices help to remove stomach fat. Garlic also removes stomach fat. Ginger and garlic can be used to consume raw chiatea, it is not only fat, colds and various diseases. Use crabalankara sour in the food.

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